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Adobe inc. (ADBE) (Q2FY23) – Continuous momentum, but stock is no longer cheap

The Game & Network Services (G&NS) segment is arguably the most critical division within the Sony Group.
Palantir’s Q2FY23 results showed that the company is fundamentally stronger than ever before. The company’s revenue grew 13% Y/Y to $533.3mn, along with both its government and commercial segments grew. Palantir also generated a positive free cash flow of $96mn in the quarter.
After 10 years of continuous growth, world auto production saw a significant decline in 2019, with global production decreasing more than 5% for the year. In 2019, manufacturers produced approximately 92mn vehicles worldwide, including 67mn cars and 25mn commercial vehicles.
Education technology (Edtech) is a term used to describe an industry that combines education and technological advances, revolutionizing the traditional educational landscape.