AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY REPORT 2022 – Will the confidence in motion come back?

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After 10 years of continuous growth, world auto production saw a significant decline in 2019, with global production decreasing more than 5% for the year. In 2019, manufacturers produced approximately 92mn vehicles worldwide, including 67mn cars and 25mn commercial vehicles.

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The decline in automobile production continued well into 2020 as manufacturing shutdowns due to the overall economic crisis that began in March that year. The cumulative data from January 2020 through September 2020 showed a 22.9% decrease in global automobile production, compared to the same period in 2019.

The concurrent influence of increased federal investments in clean energy and the growing demand for decarbonization from both public and private sectors is stronger than ever. As we enter 2024, these factors may help renewables surmount challenges associated with the substantial changes required to achieve the country’s climate goals. The  developments and challenges anticipated for the upcoming year create a scenario for a varied and dynamic advancement across various renewable technologies, industries, and markets.

Global car sales (up 4% year on year) were slightly higher in most major regions of the world in 2021. With sales up 6.6 percent to more than 21 mn vehicles, China remained the world’s largest and best-performing major single-country car market.

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• Business Trends
• Market Overview
• EV
• Supply Chain
• Regional Analysis
• Competitive Landscape
• Future Trends
• Company Reports:
― Daimler
― Ferrari
― Ford
― Honda
― Hyundai
― Paccar
― Tesla
― Toyota
― Traton
― Volkswagen

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AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY REPORT 2022 – Will the confidence in motion come back?



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