Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) (Q1FY24) – Q1FY24 soars, AI race continues

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Microsoft has announced that it secured several cloud partnerships with companies like Oracle and Salesforce. Recently, Microsoft has collaborated with Oracle Cloud by signing an agreement to use Oracle OCI for its Bing AI service.

This collaboration was due to a shortage of Nvidia’s server GPUs. Oracle Cloud has thousands of high-end Nvidia GPUs.

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Microsoft Corporation develops and supports software, services, devices and solutions worldwide. The Productivity and Business Processes segment offers office, exchange, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, office 365 Security and Compliance, Microsoft viva, and Microsoft 365 copilot; and office consumer services, such as Microsoft 365 consumer subscriptions.

Microsoft Corporation Revenue was $56.5bn and increased 13%. Operating income was $26.9bn in GAAP terms increased 25%. Net income was $22.3bn and increased by 27%. Diluted earnings per share was $2.99 and increased 27%. Effective tax rate of 18%.

In the last one year, Microsoft Corporation stock price has risen by 54.37%. It has a 52-week high of $384.30 and a 52-week low of $219.35. During the past three months, the stock price has shown an upward trend and provided a return of 16.36% after strong earnings results.



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Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) (Q1FY24) – Q1FY24 soars, AI race continues



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