Potential LLM Use Cases 2024 – Vol 3 – “Beyond the hype”

Highlights of the report

This report dives into the exciting use cases of the Large Language model (LLM) which is making significant waves across industries.

Potential LLM Use Cases 2024 - Vol 3 – “Beyond the hype”

This report is useful for M&A, business & investment analysis to all students, researchers, investors, private equity houses, broking firms, hedge funds, advisory firms and corporates to decide upon their investment strategies. Do connect with us, if you are looking for equity valuation, recommendation, analysis and market recommendation for any specific company, sector and industry.

From automating customer service interactions with intelligent chatbots to analyzing mountains of scientific data for researchers, LLMs are proving their value.

LLMs can generate creative content, extract key information from complex legal documents, and even personalize learning experiences.

According to the graph, the most popular use case is computer vision, at 51%. This includes tasks like image and facial recognition.

Executive Summary
• Introduction
• Core LLM Capabilities
• LLM Application across Sectors
• Impact of LLM on Society
• LLM Advancements and Emerging Applications
• Challenges and Considerations

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Potential LLM Use Cases 2024 – Vol 3 – “Beyond the hype”



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