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Tesla Inc (TSLA) (Q1FY24) – Driving profitable growth through operational efficiency

The electric vehicle (EV) industry faces challenges amidst declining global sales, with automakers showing a preference for hybrid vehicles over pure EVs.
Daimler Truck Holding
The company places a strong emphasis on its European retail network, as evidenced by the recent opening of a new facility in Stuttgart. This location is future-proofed with equipment for servicing next-generation electric and hydrogen vehicles.
The company significantly increased production and deliveries in 2023, more than doubling both metrics and exceeding initial production targets.
United States Steel
The merger of Nippon Steel and US Steel, while promising financial gains for shareholders, has cast a shadow of uncertainty. Union workers at US Steel fear job security cuts and potential offshoring of production.
The company had been facing some challenges in addition to its positive developments. First, the broader economic climate with higher interest rates impacted their market performance.
Accelera announced a joint venture with Daimler Trucks and Buses, PACCAR, and EVE Energy. This collaboration aims to accelerate and localize battery production and the battery supply chain in the United States.
Emerson Electric
In the first quarter, the company secured approximately $400mn worth of project content, with more than half stemming from its growth programs. Three noteworthy deals were particularly highlighted in the area of energy transition.
Steps to fasten the progress: The company achieved near-record order volume within its speciality sector, reaching close to its production capacity. This success reflects strong market acceptance, particularly in fleets with increasingly electronic vehicles.
PACCAR Parts achieved record revenue and profits in 2023. Their annual revenue grew 11% to $6.4bn, and pretax profit increased by 18% to $1.7bn. Parts gross margins also improved, reaching 31.9% compared to 30.4% the previous year.
Ford’s global hybrid sales surged 20% last year and are projected to grow another 40% this year. The company boasts the number one and two best-selling hybrid trucks in the US, with the Maverick leading the pack.
Adoption of the NEM 3.0 program has been slow, and growth remains sluggish in other parts of the country, especially in regions with lower electricity prices. Sales of the company’s residential products in the U.S. experienced an overall decline of 8% in the fourth quarter.
Enphase Energy
Enphase Energy shipped about 913,000 microinverters in Q4 from their contract manufacturing facilities in the US. In December, they announced the closure of their Romanian and Wisconsin contract manufacturing locations.