Subhadha Mathad

Senior Research Analyst

Subhadha Mathad is a Research Analyst at CrispIdea focusing on High Tech sector. She covers rapidly emerging High Tech sub-sectors ranging from FANG, Virtual Reality, IT Services, Artificial Intelligence, Ecommerce and AdTech. She covers listed and unlisted companies such as Amazon, Alibaba, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, Netflix, Rubicon, Rocketfuel etc. These companies are based in Silicon Valley, India and China.

Her expertise lies in in-depth research and knowledge of emerging technologies disrupting industries and in turn driving unfair share of value capture. She understands how disruptive technology can drive hockey sticks in terms of revenue growth or decline and also has deep understanding of unit economics driving future value of enterprises.

Shubhada has done her specialization in Financial and Cost Accounting and previously worked with William O Neil, a global product company having specialized methodologies to track long term winners in the stock market.

Shubhada enjoys gourmet cooking in spare time and is a movie buff.