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Macro Trends China Q1’ 2024 – Unveiling Economic Dynamics and Growth Trends

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The report provides a comprehensive overview of the China economy during the first quarter of 2024.

Macro Trends China Q1’ 2024 - Sector Report

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The report highlights key trends in economic growth, inflation, and the fiscal deficit.

China’s macro picture in Q1 2024 presented a mixed bag. Consumption remained the key driver of growth, likely fueled by government stimulus measures.

China’s Q1 2024 growth relied on consumer spending but faced headwinds from weak exports, a struggling property market, and persistent inflation.

 Executive Summary
• Macro Economic Update
– Global 
• Macro-Economic Performance
– China
• Equity Market Performance
– Global
– China
• Debt Market Indicators
– China

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Macro Trends China Q1’ 2024 – Unveiling Economic Dynamics and Growth Trends



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