The Logistics Industry Report 2022 -Logistics – Today and Tomorrow

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Logistics is a significant part of supply chain management and refers to a robust network of roadways, railways, airways, and seaways engaged in the storage, management, transportation, and delivery of products from the point of origin to the point of termination.

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The success of these technological trends, however, is due to their integration with existing solutions and infrastructure. Not only must logistics operations be capable of enabling processes such as ingesting an EDI load tender, but companies must also consider how future technology can be leveraged to reduce margins. Businesses can then build a next-generation stack that capitalises on previous technological investments while incubating big data, IoT, and omnichannel solutions.

The concurrent influence of increased federal investments in clean energy and the growing demand for decarbonization from both public and private sectors is stronger than ever. As we enter 2024, these factors may help renewables surmount challenges associated with the substantial changes required to achieve the country’s climate goals. The  developments and challenges anticipated for the upcoming year create a scenario for a varied and dynamic advancement across various renewable technologies, industries, and markets.

In 2020, the Global Logistics market attained a value of almost $5.83tn and grew by 3.92% in 2021 to $6.09tn.

• Executive Summary
• Industry Analysis:
― Overview
― Working of Logistics
― Stock and Index Performance
― Technological Trends
― Investment Trends
• Modes of Transport:
― Shipping Industry
― Air Freight Industry
• End Users:
― E-commerce logistics market
― Chemical logistics market
― Hazardous logistics market
― Pharma logistics market
• Supply chain Disruption
• Regional Landscape:
― China
― India
― Germany
• Competitive Landscape
• Outlook

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The Logistics Industry Report 2022 -Logistics – Today and Tomorrow



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