Ethereum 2.0 – “Will the merge improve investors optimism and propel towards its former glory?”

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Ethereum (ETH) is the second most popular crypto coin after Bitcoin (BTC), it is especially preferred by long-term investors, given the various applications of its platform. The goal behind the creation of ETH was to build a decentralized financial ecosystem, which is transparent and easily accessible by anyone.

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Crypto as a whole witnessed a roller-coaster ride in the past few years. Both volatility and return were off the roof. A notable rally was of Solana(SOL) which rallied >11,000% until 2021. S&P broad digital market index gives an overall glimpse of the strong crypto momentum of ~3.2x between Jan 2021 to early Nov 2021, before the steep fall which continued until mid-Jul 2022.

ETH’s platform, in particular, has been widely accepted for the development of NFT (Non-fungible token) and many decentralized applications (dApps), with the growing scope of Web3 more developers are flocking into the platform, as high as 34.4k in 2021, which is an indication that ETH is a long-term play.

Considering all the ongoing developments in the crypto space we believe the market will grow exponentially going forward, but the pace is mainly determined by regulations and the overall sentiment of the investors. Whereas, we estimate an ETH/USD to be around $3.2K by the end of 2022.

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• Regulations and headwinds

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Ethereum 2.0 – “Will the merge improve investors optimism and propel towards its former glory?”



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