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The “FANG” Q3FY21 Performance – Will these make a new high in 2022?

The exquisite FANG group – Amazon, Meta, Netflix, and Google – is expanding rapidly as digital trends accelerate. When compared to the other two tech companies, Alphabet and Netflix performed well in the quarter.
Cyber security
The world’s transition towards the digital universe has become inevitable, which makes it vulnerable to many unexpected threats like ransomware, identity theft, malware and other vicious threats.
The industrial sector is comprised of companies that mainly focus on manufacturing, delivery of goods, and commercial services. The sector features fourteen different industries including: aerospace & defense, air freight & logistics, airlines, building products, commercial services & supplies, construction & engineering, electrical equipment, industrial conglomerates, machinery, marine, professional services, road & rail, trading companies & distributors, and transportation infrastructure.
The pharma industry, along with the healthcare sector globally, has been impacted in an unseen way due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Cloud Industry – About one year ago in early March 2020, we were days away from COVID-19 lockdown where our communities, companies, and healthcare system shifted into emergency response. We didn’t know it then, but this was the beginning of a fundamental and abrupt change to the way we live and work— powered by the cloud-first economy.
Robots are becoming uncaged, mobile, collaborative, and increasingly intelligent and dexterous, breaking free from their traditional strongholds to automate previously inaccessible tasks.
The semiconductor industry was one of the few to benefit from the pandemic, with revenues skyrocketing due to soaring demand. The pandemic has accelerated the digitization process, increasing demand for a variety of products and devices that rely on chips to function. The strong momentum was reflected in the stock prices of semiconductor companies.
Cloud Kitchen
Cloud Kitchen Report – The COVID-19 pandemic brought several challenges before the food industry. Dine-in businesses, which contribute to nearly two-thirds of the food industry, were severely affected and faced intense financial crunch because of the lack of regular customer orders.
Impact Investing
Impact investing is an extension of socially responsible investing, which focuses on companies that promote ethical and socially responsible consciousness such as environmental sustainability, social justice, and corporate ethics.
The exquisite FANG group – Amazon, Facebook, Netflix and Google – are growing exceptionally as digital trends accelerate.
Increasing digitization in the healthcare industry and demand for value based care and rising cost of provision of healthcare services coupled with the increasing number of healthcare facilities will likely to accelerate the growth of the healthcare IT market.
A semiconductor chip (also known simply as a “semiconductor” or “chip”) is a tiny electronic device (generally smaller than a postage stamp) comprised of billions of components that store, move, and process data. These functions are made possible by the unique properties of semiconducting materials, such as silicon and germanium, which allow for the precise control of the flow of electrical current.