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Speculative bets on OTT and Gaming 2023 – Will gaming and OTT preserve its steam?

The steel industry is a vital part of the global economy, producing a wide range of products including structural steel, automotive steel, and stainless steel, which are used in a variety of applications including construction, transportation, and manufacturing. The steel industry is a major contributor to economic development and plays a key role in the development of infrastructure and the production of goods.
Since the onset of COVID-19 in early 2020, the industry has faced several challenges to maintain stable growth. The rising need to work from home has drastically surged networking & communication, and data processing applications worldwide which will lead to the moderate growth of the market for semiconductors in the long term.
Internet of Everything
COVID-19 has been in impact for three years, and there are still travel restrictions imposed due to the fear of becoming infected. This is not the case in most countries, however, it is in China. Many industries have been impacted by the aforementioned factors, and the industries have begun to recover, but not to the pre-covid level.
Retail and Ecommerce
The pandemic had put retail and e-commerce into a transformational path. In the past one year, the retail and e-commerce industry had experienced both positive and negative impacts. Consumer spending increased towards sectors such as travel, food and recreational services and the consumer behaviours became more volatile which lead to a situation where the consumer trends were unpredictable.
Industrial Automation
Many workers in the United States and globally have been asked to stay at home and away from others in order to limit the spread of COVID-19. As a result of the pandemic effect on manufacturing, goods and commodities in the upstream supply chain have been produced in lower quantities, and sometimes not at all, in the months since the disease began to spread.
E-commerce is one of the most revolutionary developments of the internet era and is undoubtedly a beacon of the 21st century. It encompasses more than just online shopping; it also includes the B2B, B2C, and C2C exchange of money and data as well as the purchase and sale of goods and services.
The gaming industry has undergoing a tremendous boom with regards to future growth and overall market potential. One of the most important, original, and inventive businesses in the contemporary electronic world we live in is the gaming sector. It is regarded as one of the most interesting sectors in the world due to its impact on social, technological, and entertainment improvements.
Following the most difficult year ever brought on by the collapse of commercial aviation during COVID-19, 2021 was a year of gradual recovery for many industries, including A&D.
Since the 2022 beginning, the situation of the world economy has significantly deteriorated. The expectations were high earlier in the year as the economy was stabilizing and returning to normal after the Covid disruption.
The market for semiconductor-powered goods is booming, driven by a variety of end uses, including smart electric vehicles, mobile phones, and IoT and communication infrastructure. A record $556bn in revenue was generated by the sector in 2021, and it is expected to reach $640bn in 2022. Many industry insiders think the chip shortage will continue into 2023 and would continue to have an impact on end markets globally as supply chains struggle to meet that demand.
Meta, Amazon, Netflix, and Google all saw major gains in 2021 and 2020 due to pandemic induced increased demand and the acceleration of digital trends.