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Datadog, Inc. (DDOG) (Q4FY23) – Powering growth and profitability in “Cloud”

Datadog is growing its customer base impressively. They are not only gaining new customers but also retaining and upselling to existing ones.
HubSpot’s recent acquisition of Clearbit, a B2B data provider, is set to bring significant improvements to their customer platform. This move involves two key aspects: integration and roadmap development.
Aspen Technology
Aspen Technology (AZPN) has shown positive signs of continued growth in its Annual Contract Value (ACV), despite a slight decline in total bookings. The company reported an ACV of $914mn, which is a 9.6% increase Y/Y.
Cadence had an exceptional year in 2023, with impressive financial results. The company achieved a remarkable 15% growth in revenue, demonstrating strong industry demand for its electronic design automation (EDA) solutions.  
Fair Isaac Corporation
The company experienced positive growth in both its Scores and Software segments. The Scores segment, which caters to both B2B and B2C customers, saw an overall revenue increase of 8% year-over-year to $192 million.
ServiceNow’s financial performance in Q4FY23 was truly remarkable, especially in terms of subscription revenue. They hit a significant milestone, raking in $2,365mn in subscription revenue, marking a remarkable 27% Y/Y growth.
SAP has unveiled a new transformation program to accelerate growth and improve operations. This program represents a strategic shift towards prioritizing investments in key areas like Business AI (Artificial Intelligence).
Conduent’s diverse range of products and services across Commercial Government and Transportation serves as a strategic advantage, providing revenue stability and resilience against sector-specific fluctuations.
DocuSign, a popular e-signature company, is currently facing the challenge of slowing growth. While the company’s revenue is still increasing, the pace of growth has significantly decreased over the past two years.
CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. provides cloud-delivered protection across endpoints and cloud workloads, identity, and data.
Snowflake has shown consistent growth in its customer base, with a healthy sequential growth rate of 4.4%. In addition, the company’s top customers have grown at a significant rate of 52% Y/Y, which has provided vital support for consolidated revenue growth.
Autodesk, a leading provider of design and engineering software, has announced its Q3FY24 earnings report, showing a remarkable 10% increase in total revenue, reaching $1,414mn.