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H&M Hennes & Mauritz AB (HMb.ST) (Q4FY23) – Empowering growth through strategic share buyback

H&M is making strategic investments in technology and AI to enhance accuracy and quantification. This includes improvements in size availability, quicker response times, and more precise product purchasing.
The companies have signed a termination agreement that resolves all outstanding matters from the transaction, including Amazon paying iRobot the previously agreed upon termination fee.
The company is actively working to reduce excess inventory in North America, and it is focusing on selling products at full price through its own channels. This could affect its overall revenue growth.
LULU expects to open approximately 25 net new company operated stores in Q4FY24. Moreover, the company expect to open approximately 55 net new company-operated stores in FY24. The new store openings, will include approximately 35 stores in its international markets, with the majority of these planned for China.
NKE has recently launched its most innovative trail shoe called the Ultrafly at the world’s Pinnacle Trail Race. This event, attended by over 1,000 runners, created a special experience, generating positive feedback from both elite runners and the wider trail-running community.
Gap is focusing on improving its brands including Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, and Athleta to make them more relevant and boost revenue. It is working on several priorities for each brand, such as strengthening brand identities, creating trend-right products, and enhancing the omnichannel experience.
Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters In Q3FY24, URBN’s SG&A expenses increased to $345.4mn, compared to $299.7mn in Q3FY23. As a percentage of net sales, these expenses also rose to 27% from 25.5% during the same period.