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United States Steel

United States Steel Corp (X) (Q4FY23) – Uncertainty around the merger

The merger of Nippon Steel and US Steel, while promising financial gains for shareholders, has cast a shadow of uncertainty. Union workers at US Steel fear job security cuts and potential offshoring of production.
Emerson Electric
In the first quarter, the company secured approximately $400mn worth of project content, with more than half stemming from its growth programs. Three noteworthy deals were particularly highlighted in the area of energy transition.
Steel Dynamics
The company recently brought four new flat rolled coating lines into operation, boosting their capacity for higher-margin value – added products by an additional 1mn tons.
United States Steel
United States Steel NSC’s acquisition of U. S. Steel will enhance its world- leading manufacturing and technology capabilities and enable it to expand the geographic areas in which NSC can better serve all of its stakeholders, including customers and society at large.
Nucor Corporation
The company’s steel mills and steel products segments face the greatest market risk exposure. The largest single customer in Q3 2023 accounted for roughly 5% of sales and has a consistent on-time payment record.