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Fiserv, Inc. (FI) (Q4FY23) – Aggressive consumer spending: SMB index raise

Fiserv operates in the Merchant Acceptance segment experienced significant growth, largely propelled by value-added solutions. Revenue from these solutions surged by over 40%, achieving a penetration rate of 19% by year-end.
Marathon Digital Holdings
Marathon Digital Holdings being one of the leading mining companies has helped to position itself well among other players. The company majorly mines and holds bitcoin (13,716 coins held as of Q3FY23, highest in the industry), which makes its value highly correlated with the price of bitcoin, leading to a volatile balance sheet at times.
PayPal has implemented several upgrades to streamline its checkout process and enhance user satisfaction. These enhancements encompass the introduction of passkeys, utilizing facial or fingerprint recognition for quicker purchases and reduced latency.
Mastercard’s Value-Added Services have undergone rapid and substantial expansion, with FY23 witnessing a robust year-on-year growth of 18%, totaling $9.27bn.
Global Payments
Global Payments brings its expertise in commerce facilitation and unique payment services, while Commerzbank contributes its deep understanding and strong relationships within the German SME market.
Coinbase- The cryptocurrency industry’s forecasts bring a mix of opportunities and challenges. With growing acceptance and increased institutional investments, the market is on a path of maturation. However, its volatile and speculative nature, compounded by regulatory uncertainties, continues to pose risks.
Visa is thriving in the booming digital payments market. Their business model, known for higher profits, and plentiful cash flow, is perfectly suited for the world’s growing use of cards and electronic transactions.
The Robinhood Gold cash sweep program, known for its competitive returns, has witnessed remarkable growth. With a yield of 4.9%, balances in the Gold cash sweep program have more  than doubled since the beginning of the year, surging to an impressive $11bn.
Mastercard’s Value-Added Services have experienced significant and swift expansion. In the Q3FY23 and over the nine months, VAS exhibited a robust year-on-year growth of 17%, reaching $2.32bn and $6.61bn, respectively.
PayPal’s strong performance is highlighted by its record-breaking total payment volume (TPV) of $388bn in Q3FY23, demonstrating a robust 15% year-over-year growth. The increasing TPV reflects customers’ heightened use of PayPal’s processing services, driving sales and profit expansion.
MercadoLibre is witnessing notable success in its credit operations in Mexico, boasting robust profitability. Moreover, its Merchant Services and point-of-sale (POS) payment processing services in Mexico are displaying impressive growth rates, expanding at double and triple-digit percentages, respectively.
The potential delay in Block’s journey to profitability could be further compounded by the market’s anticipation of an additional interest rate hike amid the ongoing economic uncertainty. At present, there are no clear indicators of short-term growth drivers for the company.