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Cummins Inc. (CMI) (Q4FY23) – Atmus split – An uncertainty for shareholders

Accelera announced a joint venture with Daimler Trucks and Buses, PACCAR, and EVE Energy. This collaboration aims to accelerate and localize battery production and the battery supply chain in the United States.
Adoption of the NEM 3.0 program has been slow, and growth remains sluggish in other parts of the country, especially in regions with lower electricity prices. Sales of the company’s residential products in the U.S. experienced an overall decline of 8% in the fourth quarter.
Enphase Energy
Enphase Energy shipped about 913,000 microinverters in Q4 from their contract manufacturing facilities in the US. In December, they announced the closure of their Romanian and Wisconsin contract manufacturing locations.  
Nucor Corporation
The semiconductor market grapples with a global chip shortage and the U.S – China trade tensions. Factors like COVID-19, the Ukraine conflict, and surging demand have strained chip supply. However, this shortage is expected to gradually ease.
The company announced the acquisition of Carrier’s Global Access Solution business for nearly $5bn in the fourth quarter. This acquisition positions the company as a leader in security solutions for the digital age and aligns with their strategic framework for mergers and acquisitions.
Caterpillar anticipates mixed performance across regions in 2024. A slowdown in Asia Pacific (excluding China) and continued weakness in China, particularly for larger excavators is expected.
NextEra Energy
NextEra Energy- Despite strong operational and financial performance, NextEra Energy acknowledges some challenges. The company faced headwinds from inflation and interest rates, contributing to the underperformance of its share price.
Siemens AG – In collaboration with Ford, a standardized and scalable SIMATIC Automation Workstation has been jointly developed. This workstation integrates OT installations for manufacturing automation with IT functionality, including centralized software deployment.
3M, a versatile technology corporation, operates across four distinct sectors: Safety and Industrial, Transportation and Electronics, Health Care, and Consumer. Their product range encompasses adhesives, abrasives, films, tapes, medical devices, and consumer goods, showcasing their diverse portfolio
ABB Ltd. Driven by sustainability concerns, efficiency demands, and labor shortages, the intertwined forces of electrification and automation are transforming industries from manufacturing and transportation to energy and construction.
ABB – The oil and gas segment stood out, with robust activity in the U.S. Marine demand also remained strong. Notably, positive momentum was observed in low-carbon areas like LNG, hydrogen, and carbon capture. Comparable revenues surged by 23%, fueled by solid double-digit increases across all divisions. Volume growth served as the primary driver, supplemented by favorable price developments.
Oshkosh – The Access segment backlog rose 2.3% to $4bn, attributed to higher pricing. The Defense segment backlog increased by 12.5% to $6.7bn, driven by a shift to a higher percentage of battery electric vehicles in the initial USPS order. The Vocational segment backlog surged by 61.1% to $5bn due to strong post-COVID-19 demand for fire apparatus, rising prices, and the inclusion of AeroTech backlog totalling $762.3 million.