Healthcare Technology – The future of healthcare determined by digital technologies.

The demand for healthcare IT is majorly driven by continuous technological advancements for providing improved healthcare facilities, increased government support & spending on healthcare IT solutions, and rising need to manage individual health data at a single platform..

The growing volume of patient data, an increase in technological know-how, and demand for quick and efficient healthcare processes and systems are driving the demand for Healthcare Technology solutions..

It  has lot of opportunities to grow because of increasing consolidation in the healthcare industry, opportunities in small rural hospitals, cloud consulting and need for healthcare IT consultants in emerging economies. One of the main concern which will hinder the growth of this sector is the confidentiality of data .

Integrating all the data require concentrated efforts and healthcare expertise, to pool data in order to improve the expected outcomes.

Healthcare has a low tolerance to errors because all the diagnosis is dependent on the right and accurate data.

Digital technologies will bring increased efficiency and accessibility to healthcare services Leading companies are already redefining themselves with digital transformation, applied to their main functional areas with customer-centric approach.

The following are some of the digital trends :

  • TELEMEDICINE : It is easier for patients to get connected with their specialists and to forward electronic data instantly. The medical constrains of patients who are in remote areas can be drastically minimized.
  • THE INTERNET OF MEDICAL THINGS (IoMT) : It is the combination of IoT development with telemedicine along with telehealth technologies which includes the use of a number of wearables, including ECG and EKG monitors and excecuts a  vital role to keep a track and to prevent many chronic illness. 
  • CLOUD COMPUTING IN HEALTHCARE : Patients and healthcare providers both tend to get better access to records through cloud-based solutions, and they make the consultation process more convenient. 
  • BLOCKCHAIN : Interoperability is expected to improve dramatically. Utilizing public-private key methods, healthcare information can be created, modified and distributed with greater integrity. 

 In digital transformation 5G networks have a huge capacity to resolve the challenges because of its high speed and low latent.

The following are some of the ways in which 5g network can bring of the huge potential of health care technology.

  • Quickly transmitting large imaging files : MRIs and other image machines are typically very large files, and often must be sent to a specialist for review. a high-speed 5G network can help quickly and reliably transport huge data files of medical imagery. 
  • Expanding telemedicine : With 5G, healthcare systems can enable mobile networks to handle telemedicine appointments, which can greatly increase the reach of the program.
  • Reliable, real-time remote monitoring : By using IoT devices, healthcare providers can monitor patients and gather data that can be used to improve personalized and preventive care.

Healthcare consumers now have choices as they can now pick among a variety of delivery models, such as telemedicine, home health, concierge care and online self-help. An advantage of consumerism can be taken investing in Healthcare Technology and medtechassets that enable remote care and home care delivery.

The five areas with highest innovation to be seen are :

  • Consumerism
  • Clinical practices
  • Payment model
  • Inter operability
  • Security

The recent developments where the hope of growth is shown in consumer- centric health care are :

  • Increased quality and pricing transparency for healthcare products and services;
  • Greater use of healthcare information technology solutions among providers and consumers;
  • Growing responsibility for healthcare utilization and quality at both the consumer
  • Increasing employer, insurer, and consumer support for more consumer-centric healthcare solutions.

Despite of higher investment cost, it is professed that  Healthcare Technology would notice growth in the future.

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