Teradata Corporation (TDC – Q3FY20) – Teradata reported strong recurring revenue and free cash flow.

in , on December 4, 2020

Teradata built upon its momentum from the second quarter and delivered another quarter of solid progress on its Cloud-first initiatives, achieving operational efficiencies across the company and delivering strong financial results including beating expectations and guidance for recurring revenue,
ARR growth and free cash flow.

Executive Summary

Financial Statements

– Income Statement and Forecast
– Balance Sheet
– Cash Flow
– Q3FY20 Results
– Segment Wise Performance
– Guidance
– Conclusion
– GAAP to non-GAAP reconciliations

Historical Performance

– Key Ratios
– Profitability Ratios, Asset Turnover Ratio, Growth Ratio
– PE Band
– Per Share Data

Product Performance and Key Developments

– Ownership
– Competition

Valuation and Consensus Performance

– Relative Valuation
– Analyst Recommendations

Market Price Performance

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