Splunk Inc (SPLK – Q4FY20 & FY20) – Splunk’s increasing customer base will lead to growth.

in , on May 15, 2020

Splunk Inc. announced the next release of SignalFx Microservices APM™, the only application performance monitoring (APM) solution that provides customers complete observability into modern, cloud-native environments to produce meaningful business outcomes regardless of scale. The new release of SignalFx Microservices APM combines the NoSample™ full-fidelity tracing, open standards based instrumentation, and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven directed troubleshooting from SignalFx and Omnition into a single best-in-class solution.

Executive Summary

Financial Statements

– Income Statement and Forecast
– Balance Sheet
– Cash Flow
– Q4FY20 Results Overview
– Segment wise Performance
– New Developments
– Guidance
– Conclusion
– GAAP to non-GAAP reconciliations

Historical Performance

– Key Ratios
– Profitability Ratios, Asset Turnover Ratio, Growth Ratio
– Per-Share Data

Product Performance and Key Developments

– Ownership
– Competition
– Key Developments

Valuation and Consensus Performance

– Relative Valuation
– Analyst Recommendations

Market Price Performance

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    May 15, 2020

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