Hexcel Corporation (HXL – Q4FY19) – Despite of growing margins and solid FCF generation; Uncertainty prevails due to 737 max.

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Hexcel is collaborating with Madshus, a leading innovator in the world of cross-country skiing, on the
engineering of a range of next-generation dry carbon fiber tapes for Madshus’ acclaimed cross-country racing skies. Hexcel’s new HiTape® Dry Carbon Tapes improve the performance, manufacturing efficiency and surface finish of Madshus Skis. Hexcel supplies Madshus with three different HiTape® products based on the specific design parameters of different cross-country ski types. The advanced carbon fiber tapes produce less fuzz in production and meet tight tolerances for aerial weight and width. The company is now delivering nearly 500,000lm of HiTape® per year with strong customer demand forecast to increase volumes in the very near future.

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