Danaher Corp. (DHR – Q1FY20) – Cytiva acquisition to boost growth in FY21.

in on July 21, 2020

Danaher Corporation announced it completed the sale of its label-free biomolecular characterization, chromatography hardware and resins, microcarriers and particle validation standards, single use tangential flow filtration systems, and stainless steel hollow fiber tangential flow filtration systems businesses to Sartorius AG for approximately $825 million. The combined revenue of the businesses, which were part of Danaher’s Life Sciences segment, was approximately $170 million in 2019. The cpmpany  sold these businesses in order to obtain regulatory approval for its acquisition of the GE Biopharma business, now called Cytiva. The closing of the Sartorius AG agreement was conditioned upon Danaher closing its acquisition of Cytiva, which was completed.

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