CLOUD COMPUTING INDUSTRY REPORT 2021 – Becoming the backbone of the businesses

in , on March 8, 2021

Cloud is no longer considered to be merely a tool or a server or simply a framework for storage, maintenance and retrieval of data. Cloud is now emerging as a backbone and a theory behind the formulation of business strategies. Cloud computing is not just a pillar of transformation, but is also in transformation.

Inevitably, as many industries were forced to work remotely – becoming almost entirely reliant on virtual communication – we saw dependence on technology solutions increase significantly around the world.

• Executive Summary
• Trends in 2021
• Impact of Covid on Cloud Computing
• Challenges

• Types of Cloud- Deployment Model

i. Public Cloud
ii. Hybrid Cloud
iii. Private Cloud

• Types of Cloud – Service Model

• Cloud Infrastructure
• Cloud in Travel Industry
• Cloud Microservices
• Cloud Robotics
• Cloud PBX
• Cloud Kitchen
• Region wise Analysis
• Company Analysis- Cap Ex
• Company Analysis- Key players
• Comparison
• Latest M & A
• Outlook
• Company Reports

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