Apple Inc (AAPL) – A ‘Cautious’ view on the stock with 5% decline in revenues for FY19

in , on July 5, 2019

Apple’s revenue has declined by 5% Y/Y for both Q1 and Q2 in FY19 due to decline in iPhone sales. iPhone sales contribute 53.8% of total revenues in Q2FY19 but declined by 17% to $31bn in Q2FY19, across all the reportable geographical segments.

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Executive Summary

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–Results Overview

–Revenue by Segments

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–Software Update

–Smartphone Market

–Guidance & Conclusion

Historical Performance

–Key Ratios

–Profitability Ratios, Asset Turnover Ratio, Growth Ratio

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–Per Share Data

Product Performance and Key Developments



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Valuation and Consensus Performance

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