Alibaba Group Holdings (BABA – Q1FY21) – Standing firm and leading the cloud industry in China.

in , on August 31, 2020

Total (China) Investment (the Company) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in order to
pursue strategic collaboration with Alibaba Group and leverage their respective resources to drive the
digital transformation of the Company’s operations in China.Under the MoU, the two companies will
develop in-depth collaboration based on the Alibaba Business Operating System (ABOS). Total (China)
Investment will utilize Alibaba’s leading digital capabilities and technology across e-commerce, online
payments, local services, supply chain, big data, and organizational management.

Executive Summary

Financial Statements

– Income Statement and Forecast
– Balance Sheet
– Cash Flow
– Q1FY21 Results
– User Metrics and Segment Performance
– Expansion
– Developments
– Conclusion
– Reconciliation of GAAP and Non-GAAP

Historical Performance

– Key Ratios
– Profitability Ratios, Asset Turnover Ratio, Growth Ratio
– P/E Bands
– Per share data

Product Performance and Key Developments

– Ownership
– Competitors
– Key Developments

Valuation and Consensus Performance

– Relative Valuation
– Analyst Recommendations

Market Price Performance

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