Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings, Inc. (AJRD – Q3FY19)-Robust revenue growth for FY20, backed by strong backlog and improving Operational efficiency

in , on January 27, 2020

AR Holdings, Inc. develops and manufactures propulsion systems for defense and space applications, as well as armaments for precision tactical and long-range weapon systems applications. ~95% of the company’s revenue is directly or indirectly attributable to the sales made to the US government. In addition to the services provided to the US government, the company also has Real Estate segment.

Executive Summary
 Financial Statements
– Income Statement and Forecast
– Balance Sheet…
– Cash Flow
– Results Overview
– Geographic Region Performance
– Company Overview
– Segment Performance
– Backlog
– Bookings
– Guidance
– Conclusion
– GAAP to Non-GAAP Reconciliation
Historical Performance
– Key Ratios
– Profitability Ratios, Asset Turnover Ratio, Growth Ratio
– P/E Band
– Per Share Data
Product Performance and Key Developments
– Ownership
– Competitors
– Key Developments
Valuation and Consensus Performance
– Consensus view and analyst trend on stock
– Analyst Recommendations
Market Price Performance

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    January 27, 2020

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