Last Updated On: 22-01-2024
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Stock recommendations are based on absolute upside (downside), which we define as (target price* – current price) / current price. If the upside is 10% or more, the recommendation is BUY. If the downside is 10% or more, the recommendation is UNDERPERFORM or SELL. For stocks where the upside or downside is less than 10%, the recommendation is HOLD. In addition, we have key buy and key sell lists in each market, which are our most commercial and/or actionable BUY and UNDERPERFORM calls.
Unless otherwise specified, these recommendations are set with a 12-month horizon. Thus, it is possible that future price volatility may cause a temporary mismatch between upside/downside for a stock based on market price and the formal recommendation.
*In most cases, the target price will equal the analyst’s assessment of the current fair value of the stock. However, if the analyst doesn’t think the market will reassess the stock over the specified time horizon due to a lack of events or catalysts, then the target price may differ from fair value. In most cases, therefore, our recommendation is an assessment of the mismatch between current market price and our assessment of current fair value.