Compendium of Semiconductor Industry Performance – Q2FY20 – Will the semis be back on track post covid -19?

Semiconductor segment suffered a blow in its sales in 2019. Lower end consumer demand as well as the trade disputes between the U.S and China grounded semiconductor sentiments. By end of 2019, inventory levels began to stack up in specific areas like mobile phones and cloud infrastructure, which brought pricing pressure and negatively impacted semiconductor sales.

After the coronavirus outbreak disrupted the supply chain worldwide, the semiconductor market suffered a blow as many companies tried to meet the demands of the many other OEM’s and end customers. While demand from some company chips declined, others saw an increased flow of orders due to remote working conditions. The semiconductor market sends mixed signals as it experienced both positive and negative impacts due to the pandemic crisis.

The rising penetration for the Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled devices across the globe is positively influencing the demand for ICs and are employed in multiple industries, including retail, medical, automotive and electronics.

Key growth areas:

  • Communication: 5G is one of the major topic for most of the semiconductor companies as they are developing improved 5G chipsets for the high-end smartphones.
  • Automotive: From automation of robots to self-driving, auto sector has been a significant market that the semi companies can tap into.
  • Gaming: With gaming on the rise globally, it will create more demand for GPUs as well as high-end CPUs.

A massive opportunity lies ahead for the semiconductor market to bounce back amid the COIVD-19 outbreak. Although the impact of the pandemic, coupled with trade issues and other factors, will have a significant effect on the economy, the rise in the demand in the memory market is expected to drive the sales in 2020.

Here, in this report, we discuss the performance of the Semiconductor companies and how they have been impacted by the C-19 pandemic  :

  • NVDA
  • AMD
  • INTC
  • QCOM
  • TSM
  • AVGO
  • SWKS
  • ADI
  • LRCX
  • TER
  • TXN
  • MU
  • NXPI
  • BRKS

For details on each of the above company, segment performance and industry outlook, please feel free to refer to the following compendium reports from CrispIdea.



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