Compendium of Industrial sector Performance – Q2FY20 – Will businesses corroborate the market conditions with sustainable operational excellence?

The manufacturing sector drives most of the emerging markets and is significant part of many of the developed economies. That said, in this era of globalization, the volatility in any major sector can create unforeseen and expansive effects on a large number of economies. The pandemic outbreak has left most of the sectors crippling.

The pandemic-driven containment measures taken by the governments around the world have frozen the demand from and spending of consumers has come to a standstill. Industrial businesses, as they are heavy on asset base and sensitive to cost of operations, have been hit by the double of declining revenues and increasing manufacturing costs. The technology-friendly businesses have adapted to low-rate production and are successful in trimming cost with due importance to their foreseeability. As more apprehension grows, the businesses will have to rethink the way they make, sell and earn.

The pandemic-led economic turbulence has taken the industrial businesses for a toll and the recovery of these businesses will be gradual, if not stagnant, provided the demand level surges again.

Here, in this report, we discuss the performance of the manufacturing companies and how they have been impacted by the C-19 pandemic

  • CAT
  • CMI
  • DE
  • DOV
  • FTV
  • ETN
  • EMR
  • MMM
  • ABB
  • AIMC
  • AME
  • BWXT
  • HII
  • ITT
  • ITW
  • KEYS
  • MT
  • RAVN
  • ROP
  • DE
  • VPG
  • OSK
  • ENS
  • TRNS
  • PH

For details on each of the above company, market overview and analysis, please feel free to refer to the following compendium reports from CrispIdea.


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